New Year, New Learning!

From 6 weeks to kindy

What we believe in:

The early years are the foundation years and we believe that by providing meaningful experiences we can cultivate the love of learning.
As one of Australia’s leading early childhood education providers with childcare centres across the country, we have programs for baby daycare, 
early learning daycare and preschool childcare, we are here to help no matter what stage your child is at.

Hear what our educators have to say about our values:
"We believe that children should explore their creativity and by honouring childhood, not prepping for school but for life itself..."
- Early Learning & Kinder

Benefits of long day kinder programs

The more time a child spends in a pre-schooling education environment, the more prepared they are for school and for life. 

They are more likely to show positive social behaviours, make friends easier, have higher self esteem and independence and make the transition to “big school” smoother than those who don’t.

At Early Learning & Kinder, our university qualified Early Childhood Teachers lead our Kinder programs by implementing creative, imaginative and academic programs that support the holistic development of each child betweent the ages of 0 - 5.

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Join us to provide your children meaningful experiences in 2021 and cultivate their love of learning.

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